Eddy Kariti’s Latest Masterpiece

The latest film starring Eddy Kariti, Descendant, is rightly called a modern masterpiece adorned by distinguished craftsmanship, specific visual identity and authentically shaded emotional depths, qualities that no one can dispute.

The film headlining Kariti is set in the early 30’s, in a small American town in the north, where almost all wage-earning workers end up unemployed. Patience and self-reliance were the only things that helped those millions of suffering Americans go through the national crisis. Unprepared for the crash, people suffered through the worst drought in American history. Tired of hearing nothing, seeing nothing, doing nothing, after he is left unemployed, Toby (Eddy Kariti) does whatever he could to feed his family. But standing in charity bread lines and selling apples on street corners simply wasn’t enough to put food on the table.

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