Eddy Kariti’s Latest Masterpiece

The latest film starring Eddy Kariti, Descendant, is rightly called a modern masterpiece adorned by distinguished craftsmanship, specific visual identity and authentically shaded emotional depths, qualities that no one can dispute.

The film headlining Kariti is set in the early 30’s, in a small American town in the north, where almost all wage-earning workers end up unemployed. Patience and self-reliance were the only things that helped those millions of suffering Americans go through the national crisis. Unprepared for the crash, people suffered through the worst drought in American history. Tired of hearing nothing, seeing nothing, doing nothing, after he is left unemployed, Toby (Eddy Kariti) does whatever he could to feed his family. But standing in charity bread lines and selling apples on street corners simply wasn’t enough to put food on the table.

With each release, Kariti creates new trends, brakes the dogma, sets standards, and pushed ahead of their possibilities entire generations of filmmakers. His love for acting can be seen in the way he shares stories with the world, and here has been given the opportunity to show that in all of his splendor. Unlike some of his previous movies where we follow the action from the end to the beginning, in his latest piece of work, from the very beginning there are only three narrative perspectives told in 107 minutes.

All three perspectives that are constantly interweaving have equal importance and significance. It is precisely this constant jumping from one perspective to another that makes the film unique and the stakes so high. As an actor, Kariti exploits this momentum to the maximum, using the climactic events and the above mentioned high emotional roles of all three perspectives in order to build one mutual, collective tension, cleverly changing the scenes and the excellent music background, which we can easily declare as self-sufficient and breathtaking. This satisfaction becomes even greater when we testify precisely at those moments in which the earth, the water, and air finally meet in time and space.

The true mastery comes into force after we watch the content that is so skillfully and mechanically shaped in order to achieve maximum effect. The lead actor manages to capture all the nuances of anxiety, hopelessness, impotence, constant internal tension (regardless whether it is external at the moment), captivity, fear, waiting, and even boredom.