Eddy Kariti Built his Little Paradise

Actor with his family lives in a green oasis away from Los Angeles

Eddy Kariti announced previously that he will start a new life in Palm Springs to create a kind of community for actors where they can escape from the city life, out of public and crowded places. For these reasons, no one has ever traveled there and discovered the secrets of his village life.

“Yeah, I can not say anything. He can not stand speaking to the news, that’s why we came here. To escape from everyone and everything. Only here he finds his peace. This house is his oasis,” says the neighbor.

At the local shop, one villager was extremely keen, somewhat suspicious at first, but later on for an interview.

In this region people claim that they often see him, talk more often with him, and some, as they say, go to his house.

“I often go to him, there in his house, and there we talk. Kariti is so much dedicated to his children. For example, right now, I’m making them a backyard swing, a ramp, a whole mini-park … And that’s all. And he always helps around. I’ve never seen him sitting and resting while there are people working around the place. This man is a genius,” the villager’s tale tells us, and he cannot show where the Kariti’s house is exactly located.

“I can not tell you that, really. There, I told you what type of a person he is. Even when he sees what I’ve told you, he will kill me, jokes our guy. I respect him very much and he is a very darling man, but I do not want to create him problems and reveal where is he because he deliberately came here where no one will find him. He was here yesterday with me to buy a pool for the twins. There, I know that much, I do not even know if he is here today. Maybe he is. I do not even know if you will find him, even if you find his place,” the man ends his story.

The woman we met down the road was in a mood for talk.

“Yes. I know that Eddy Kariti has a house here, but I have never seen him. Although, I would love to. I watched all the films in which he acted and I literally adore him. My neighbors who know him tell me that he is a wonderful man. I would very much like to meet him. But as far as I know, he lives uphill from here. First, you will come across a house, and above is his own. Ask around the people you meet down the road, they are polite here, they will explain,” the woman was kind.

There was a girl standing on the large courtyard gate.

“I’ll open you the fence because you can not go anywhere else. You can only around. I do not know where you are going. But if you want to go uphill, then you must pass here,” she explained.

“Kariti is our friend. He is one great man. of course, we see him often. He’s here all the time. His house is uphill, behind ours… There are 15 minutes walk from here and then you will see a wooden house. He visits us sometimes. The other day, he brought his elder daughter here with us to play with our children. We drink coffee sometimes and so… He’s like all the normal people. It is by no means different from others.” Said Kariti’s closest neighbor.

After the journalists went through the cornfield, they finally came to Kariti’s house, which was in the middle of the field. It is a single house and around is just field. At that moment the actor was in the courtyard with some workers.

“He is a fantastic character. You would not believe it. A completely natural, relaxed, always in the mood for a joke. When I met him, I was a little stiff because I did not know what to expect. You never know with these famous people how they will look at you. Some people like to watch you from the heights, but Eddy Kariti is nothing like that. He is the man. It’s completely normal to communicate with him, as if he is not a celebrity at all. Such a family dedicated man I have not seen among the famous people. His wife and children enjoy around him. Just now his wife arrived with the kids, and he should come too. I know that whenever he finishes his obligations, since he currently makes a movie, he always comes here. For the summer he is all the time here,” says the local man, who, as he says, often sits down with Eddy Kariti.