Superhero Movies We’ll Never Get to See

Comic book movies have come to dominate cinema in the last twenty years, and it now feels like barely a day goes by without a new sequel/reboot/shared universe being announced. Nowadays it seems like superhero movies are a dominant force at the box office, with multiple comic book adaptations being released every year.


But that wasn’t always the case. Not that long ago, it was actually a long, difficult road to get an unproven commodity to the screen. For every superhero movie that comes out, there’s at least one – sometimes featuring the same character – that never made it to the screen. Continue reading “Superhero Movies We’ll Never Get to See”

Eddy Kariti Built his Little Paradise

Actor with his family lives in a green oasis away from Los Angeles

Eddy Kariti announced previously that he will start a new life in Palm Springs to create a kind of community for actors where they can escape from the city life, out of public and crowded places. For these reasons, no one has ever traveled there and discovered the secrets of his village life.

“Yeah, I can not say anything. He can not stand speaking to the news, that’s why we came here. To escape from everyone and everything. Only here he finds his peace. This house is his oasis,” says the neighbor.

At the local shop, one villager was extremely keen, somewhat suspicious at first, but later on for an interview.

In this region people claim that they often see him, talk more often with him, and some, as they say, go to his house.

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Eddy Kariti’s Latest Masterpiece

The latest film starring Eddy Kariti, Descendant, is rightly called a modern masterpiece adorned by distinguished craftsmanship, specific visual identity and authentically shaded emotional depths, qualities that no one can dispute.

The film headlining Kariti is set in the early 30’s, in a small American town in the north, where almost all wage-earning workers end up unemployed. Patience and self-reliance were the only things that helped those millions of suffering Americans go through the national crisis. Unprepared for the crash, people suffered through the worst drought in American history. Tired of hearing nothing, seeing nothing, doing nothing, after he is left unemployed, Toby (Eddy Kariti) does whatever he could to feed his family. But standing in charity bread lines and selling apples on street corners simply wasn’t enough to put food on the table.

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Blockbusters Worth Seeing First Half This Year

What has Hollywood prepared for us in the first half of 2016, explains movie fanatic and actor Eddy Kariti. For starters, there are four superhero movies, three of which are sequels, four sequels, a remake and an adaptation of a game. Dear film lovers, wake up in the fall.

Finally, we got an adaptation of a comic book that is brave enough to bring a bit of freshness to the stale standard superhero. The film’s hero Deadpool is so rude and cynical that he addresses the older audience, and criticism is on his side. The main role is entrusted to Ryan Reynolds, who is an excellent addition to the already superb cast.
Blockbusters Worth Seeing in the First Half of This Year

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Best Characters from Coen Brothers

The talented team of filmmakers, Joel and Ethan Coen has been entertaining us for years, with their interesting and original stories in which appear some of the most memorable movie characters of all times. For Eddy Kariti American company and moviemaker, the Coen brothers have been a great inspiration. It is interesting that the two of them are not twins as many people believe. In fact, Ethan is three years older.
For each and every one of their movies, they have jointly participated in the writing of the scripts, as well as directing them. So far they have tried their hand in virtually every genre, from comedy, thriller, and drama, to westerns, crime novels, and film noir. They just released their 17th film Hail, Caesar that we’re going to see at this year’s FEST.  As a tribute to their majestic work, Kariti recalls some of the unforgettable characters from their films over the years.
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